A first-time buyer’s guide to purchasing a vehicle

Buying a car is one of the most exciting times of ones life. But this can be a daunting experience. Tata has put together a first-time buyers guide to purchasing a vehicle to help get through the process.


Always keep a clear and objective head searching for your new mode of transport, bear the following in mind, it will definitely make your decision that much easier:

Determine your budget 

When looking for that new vehicle, first investigate your budget.

  • Just what can you spend?
  • Is there money for those extra’s that you want?
  • What about insurance? 

Make sure you do not forget to factor these costs into your calculations.

Inspect your new car

Before you take possession of your new car, give it a detailed inspection, both inside and out. Closely inspect the vehicle for any damage or unexpected wear and tear. Address any concerns with the salesperson before agreeing to the purchase and make sure these have been addressed when you are handed the keys to your new vehicle.

Find out the dealer’s price

This comes back to what your budget allows. Don’t let your emotions rule you when you look at a vehicle that may get you excited but is outside of your price range. Compare the dealer’s price to those of other dealers to ensure you get the best vehicle for your budget.

Arrange financing in advance

Most dealers will assist you in arranging finance for your new vehicle, but arranging finance in advance will allow you to negotiate from a position of strength with a dealer.

Do your research

Research is vital. Find your best deal. This allows you to bargain from a position of strength when you make that final decision.

Love the car, love the dealer

Buying a car is a big decision. It is vital to work with a friendly dealer who will provide you with the best options that fits your needs. At TATA dealership’s all dealers are trained and have immense product knowledge. To find a TATA dealer closest to you click here Find-a-dealer 

 So make sure you get something you will enjoy spending hours of time in. 


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