I have to share this sheem


This happened such a long time ago while I was doing my internship for Varsity in my third year.

I was working for a marketing agency and we wanted to approach KISUA. I was given the task of doing research on them, find out who they are ,what they do and when they were coming to South Africa.

This was when I started to fall in love with the clothing brand.

Let us start this off correctly the name KISUA means ” well-dressed person ” in Swahili, this is the brainchild of Samuel Mensah. Yes, I did my homework. The reason I want to talk about them on my blog is that I tend to struggle when it come to feeding my style. I am seen as a hippy with an African contemporary style , which ,yes it does sound weird, but it’s because I love print.

I love the  way they play around with print, keeping it stylish, feminine and fun and still keeping the African element to each and every design they make.

All of this is me in a nutshell.  I am all about African/ Contemporary and Modern style, but at times my pocket doesn’t allow me to be great. I enjoy dressing up and dressing down when I can.

Clothes make me feel beautiful and confident and this is coming from someone who used to suffer from self-esteem issues. They make me feel like a women, a strong and  independent women. I grew up not liking my hair, my big nose, and my skin tone, but once I found my style, I finally found myself.

I remember the moment I logged onto my Instagram page and I saw that they like a picture I uploaded, It was the best day of my life that I had to screen grab it. My modeling dream still lives and after that, I saw myself as one of their models *HAHAHA


I will saw that this was love at first sight.

She is Matlotlo(Treasure) Karabelo (Answered) Molapisi

Above is the picture and below is the evidence in case haters flood in.


If you don’t know their work yet here is a link and their Instagram page

Instagram Handle: kisuaonline






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