I am very picky and cautious what I use on my face. I’ve been treating this delicate part of my body like its fragile content in a box.

Growing up I had skin problems, like major ones where eczema and acne were my everyday struggles and once it got cleared, ow the heavens opened up and I started getting a bit obsessed.

I must tell the truth that it lead to huge self-esteem issues. where I didn’t want to look people in the eye when they spoke to me or even go out on weekends. I didn’t feel pretty, or like I deserved to be a girl.

That’s why I decided to go out searching two weeks ago for a better face product than the current one I have, but obviously, I was very reserved about this. I found myself staring at an aisle full of all different kinds of products in different,shapes, colours and smells.

I stood there for a good 15-20 Minutes reading each and every label of the products I picked up. I finally picked up Garnier and all I could think of where all the adverts I’veIve seen and how lovely each ladies skin looked. I thought ow well It won’t hurt to try, who knows it might work the same for me.

I have been using the product for almost a month now and my skin has never felt and looked so good and fresh, by the way, it smells great and you can actually feel the tingle sensation on you face after the first wash

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I don’t know if I’m the only crazy one who thinks she sees a difference, but I really think there is, or it just might be me being psycho. I love this product and I hope that my pocket loves it as well.

Here are my precious babies who worked wonders on my face like a professional plastic surgeon.


This is just me letting you know what This woman is up to and what this woman has been through. I’m not perfect, but I love  myself and I’m glad that I finally found my happy place with my face.

Enjoy your day, hope that you can also find your happy places.



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