The long awaited Strongbow cider launches in SA

The largest, most widely sold cider brand in the world, Strongbow Apple Cider, hit South African shores this August. The brand brings with it a new type of energy, not to mention generations’ worth of knowledge and expertise in real orchard apple harvesting, pressing and cider making. All of this is amplified with a refreshing product design and an array of delicious, natural variants. With the timely arrival of the world’s perfect cider, Strongbow also wants to encourage South African consumers to mix nature back into their urban surroundings – right where it belongs.

“South Africa is thirsty for a cider made from real orchard apples complimented by a natural, unforgettable taste profile,” says Marcel Swain, Marketing Manager for New Brands. “All of this is backed up by more than 125 years’ experience in cider making.”


Strongbow is set to lift the existing cider category with an offering of more variety and choice for the South African consumer. This includes a new taste profile and fantastic aromas like Gold Apple, Original Dry, and Red Berries. From the orchard to the glass, the Gold Apple taste is sweet and golden with a crisp kick, a hint of green apple and a long, bittersweet finish. The Red Berries taste of hard cider with Strawberry and Elderberry flavours, a hint of lemon notes, and an apple finish. The Original Dry taste profile delivers a crisp, uplifting and bittersweet finish.

South Africans can now take their taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of a burst of flavours.

Audience Enjoying Strongbow

For more information on Strongbow’s range of real orchard apple ciders, please go to http://www.strongbow.comlike us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @strongbowza. To join the conversation about Strongbow, simply search for the hashtag #NatureRemix.


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